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Roaches are very closely related to the human environment and have emerged as unwanted pests around the world. Roaches are attracted to houses where there is food, wetness and, in cooler environments, and warmth. They feed on a large range of human foods and also organic products like cardboard, glue, fecal matter, dead wildlife and fellow cockroaches. They can get diseases from the dirt in their environments and easily transfer them onto food and surfaces.

An expert solution is normally the most dependable means of cockroach control. Only expert products and services are powerful enough to eradicate all phases of their life cycle.

Castle Hill Pest Control’s cockroach control service

Being the professionals in cockroach control, we can provide you with expert, targeted treatment methods for your house or business. Our certified specialists located throughout Australia provide a quick and dependable service to guarantee full control over the issue and provide professional suggestions on prevention.

With access to the most recent technologies and the most innovative methods, you can rely on an effective service from Castle Hill Pest Control.

Cockroach Treatment

No need to stay away from your house since we use a low mammalian toxicity insecticide, with no internal odour. No need to empty pantry shelves or wash anything right after the treatment has been completed. Harmless to be utilised around kids and pets.

Our Part: Internal spray to skirting boards. External spray to garage, sheds, fence lines, pathways, windows, gutters, fascias. Cleaning to roof space (accessed from the inside of your home), sub floor, Telstra pits, cracks, crevices and weep openings. Gel affected locations for German cockroaches.

Your Part: Do not put the washing out, clean up before treatment, trim the yards, limit your garbage outdoors and clean up internally. The more things far from the wall inside the better the barrier. Keep doors and windows shut until the spray dries. Thoroughly clean behind the fridge and under the microwave.

Cockroach Control

The procedure for German cockroaches differs from larger cockroaches. Caste Hill Pest Control use gel to remove German cockroaches– utilising powder, gas, and conventional sprays will only temporarily halt them.

Large cockroaches are treated utilising a general spray that includes treatment of roof voids, internal skirting boards and external areas.

Large Roaches:

Roof: Dust/powder is dispersed into the roof cavity by the ways of a dust gun. The specialist will use a ladder to access the roof cavity through the manhole and the dust will be spread out throughout this spot.

Internal: An interior barrier spray will be applied to the skirting boards throughout your home. All bedrooms will be treated with the skirting board spray. Dust might also be put on any cracks & holes within your home.

Sub Floor: Dust/powder is going to be sprayed into the area under your home.

External: Spray will be applied to the following areas: around windows, gutters, fascias and so on. Garage areas, sheds, walkways, fence lines, laundry, weep holes, cracks and holes and Telstra pits

Safeguarding Your House

  • Seal cracks, crevices or spaces in sliding doors, window screens and around pipes where cockroaches might enter
    fix any dripping taps as cockroaches require water to stay alive
    Wash your dishes and store food away after meals.
    Pick up food crumbs and spills immediately
    Keep food packing containers closed and do not leave dirty dishes out overnight.
    Do not leave fruits on the counter top.
    Clean trash bins and vacuum and mop regularly
    Keep your home clean!

So How Exactly Does the Spray Work?

cockroach controlThe spray that is utilised for large cockroaches also covers you for other pests including webbing spiders, redback spiders, carpet beetles, silverfish, creamy coloured crickets and any current wasp nests.

The spray and dust system utilised for large cockroach control not just gets rid of the existing population but will also provide long-lasting security as a residual protection is created.

A cockroach will walk over this barrier and meet this barrier, and as cockroaches tend to lick themselves clean they wind up absorbing the poison.

Treatment Preparation


  • Do not hang the washing out, clean up internally. The more items far from the wall inside, the better the barrier.
  • Keep doors and windows shut until the spray dries.
  • Clean behind the fridge if accessible and under the microwave.
  • Limit the clutter within your house as having a messy house can bring in pest infestations to your house and become a harbourage area for unwanted pests.
  • Limit paper goods and throw out cardboard containers.


  • Mow the yards
  • minimize your garbage outdoors
  • clean up the backyard area
  • pack away kids or pet toys.

Six Month Warranty

Castle Hill Control provides a 6 month guarantee on our large cockroach treatment solution.

If after you have had a large cockroach treatment finished and you’re continuing to experience a problem with large cockroaches after 6 weeks, contact us and we’ll arrange a service technician to go back to your property and address the issue at no charge to you.

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